Telemental Health

What is Telemental Health?

Telemental Health, the provision of mental health services using live, interactive videoconferencing, email or telephones is a promising new means for providing mental health services.

Telemental health has a number of important benefits for clients, clinicians, provider organizations, and communities. Clients shouldn’t have to commute their way to good health. With Telemental health your clients’ peace of mind is only a computer connection, not a commute, away.

Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD and marriage problems rarely come with the luxury of time, especially in rural areas. Telemental health is just what it sounds like—Mental Health via live, interactive videoconferencing on your computer.

Benefits for Clients

·Improved access to mental health services for assessment and ongoing treatment.

·Reduced costs for accessing mental health services (e.g., time, travel costs).

Telemental Health enables clients to have psychotherapeutic sessions at home or at work.  Clients who lack cars, who cannot drive, cannot find a babysitter, or are so busy they are unable to leave their office can access psychotherapy via computer, or even a smartphone.

I also provide Home Visits for sessions.  For those who desire face to face or are not computer literate, I am happy to visit clients where they live.

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